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Winterizing Outboard Electric Motor-- Yamaha Crucial Maintenance

by Hengbo Zhang 10 Sep 2021
It's that time of year once more, as well as unfortunately, it's time to store your boat for the period. While it's always a bit extra fun to take out your watercraft than to put it away, effectively winterizing your Yamaha outboard engine avoids engine damages and will promote a smooth start to the beginning of following season.

While there are several things you can do before storing your watercraft to get a jump on next season-- like transforming your oil, changing your Yamaha f60 propeller fuel-water separating filter, and perhaps touching up some scrapes on your cowling cover-- there are 6 very recommended actions.
Winterizing Outboard Electric Motor-- Yamaha Crucial Maintenance
Thoroughly purge your engine
Stabilize your fuel system
Fog your outboard engine
Adjustment your ignition system
Adjustment reduced device oil
Detach your battery
Flush Your Engine

You'll need:
Electric motor flusher
Garden hose pipe
Supply of water

It is necessary to thoroughly purge your engine to remove any salt buildup if you are a deep sea boater, or general mud as well as gunk if you are a freshwater seafarer. Failing to remove this particles can cause or contribute to deterioration in the engine. If you're a deep sea sailor, salt crystals in the lower device can cause a great deal of damages.

If your outboard has a tube adapter, merely screw the hose into the port, activate the water and allow the water run for about 5 mins.

Next off, remove the cowling cover and also seek any type of salt or grime build-up that may have cleared up outside any engine parts. If you identify any type of build-up, simply wash it away.

Lastly, turn the engine right up, after that cut it all of the way down to see to it every drop of water drains pipes from the engine.

** Caution **.
Do not run the engine when flushing while making use of a tube port. This method is entirely created for purging while your engine is entirely off.

Purging Your Outboard with the Engine Operating.

To purge your Yamaha outboard with the engine running, you will make use of a motor flusher (likewise known as earmuffs). Screw your yard pipe onto the electric motor flusher, then glide the motor flusher over the engine's water intakes. You have to make sure that the earmuffs are completely covering the water intakes. Using this flushing technique, you will activate the engine. However first, make certain that you have a great water supply and that water is coming out on both sides of the earmuffs.

Beginning the engine and also see to it that water is flowing from the tell tale. Assure that your engine is not overheating by holding your hand under the tell tale water stream. It should not be uncomfortable to hold your hand in the stream of water. If the water is excessively warm, water is not flowing properly, as well as you are overheating your engine-- shut off the engine, rearrange the earmuffs, as well as begin again.

Maintain Your Gas System.
You'll need:.
Fuel stabilizer suitable for long-term storage space.
Electric motor flusher.
Yard pipe.

Since it is so usual, a lot of us make use of ethanol-enriched fuel much of the time. We advise using a gas stabilizer every one of the time when running ethanol-enriched gas. Review our Ethanol Gas In Outboard Engines post to learn why. In addition, it is important to use a fuel stabilizer like Prop fit Yamaha 40-60 HP Fuel Stabilizer and also Conditioner And also when your watercraft will be resting extra for any more than 2 or three months.
Winterizing Outboard Electric Motor-- Yamaha Crucial Maintenance
Include the quantity of fuel stabilizer routed on the item's packaging to your gas-- for example, 1 ounce of Yamaha Gas Stabilizer as well as Conditioner And also for each gallon of gasoline, assuming the engine will be saved for more than 2 months. If you are storing the engine for 2 months or much less, the suggested proportion from Yamaha is 1 ounce of stabilizer for each 3 gallons of gas.

Run the engine with stabilized fuel for 10-15 mins to thoroughly circulate the maintained gas throughout your fuel system. If your boat runs out the water, adhere to the Flush Your Outboard with the Engine Running treatments detailed over.

Misting Your Engine.
You'll need:.
Misting oil.
Crescent wrench.
Replacement ignition system.
Electric motor flusher.
Yard hose.
Water supply.

So, what is misting oil or fogging fluid anyhow? Yamalube fogging oil is a wax-based oil that layers the engine and protects against corrosion. As you overcome this procedure, you will certainly quickly understand why this procedure is called misting the engine as there will be a lot of white smoke.

Because you will not remain in the water while doing this job, you will certainly require to utilize an electric motor flusher to maintain the engine cool while you finish the fogging procedure. Comply with the Flush Your Outboard with the Engine Running treatments outlined above.

If appropriate, remove your engine's air cleaner to reach the carburetors or cylinder air intakes.

Rev the engine to a little bit above still, as well as with the engine running, spray the fogging oil into the carburetor( s) or air intake of each cyndrical tube.

Continually spray fogging oil into your engine's carburetors or cyndrical tube air consumption up until the engine stalls. Make certain to spray a covering of fogging oil into each cylinder or carburetor. Don't spray too much oil simultaneously and eliminate the engine immediately, but after a continuous spray, the engine will eventually stall. This is precisely what you desire, and the utmost delaying shows that the engine is extensively covered with misting oil.

Next, utilize your crescent wrench to remove the ignition system and also spray fogging oil right into each cyndrical tube. Turn the flywheel to relocate the cylinders enabling you to coat the entire cyndrical tube wall surface. As opposed to turning the flywheel to move the cylinders, you can likewise just start the engine for simply a few secs to enable the fogging oil to coat the cylinder walls-- repeat this process a couple of times forever action. Replace old ignition system with new spark plugs to ensure that you are ready to enter the springtime.

Adjustment Lower Unit Oil.
You'll require:.
Adequate quantity of reduced unit oil/ equipment lube oil.
Gear lube/oil pump (for obtaining oil back right into the lower unit).
2 new drainpipe screw gaskets.
Drain pan.
Huge level head screwdriver.
A couple of dustcloths.
We highly suggest changing your Yamaha equipment lube prior to storage to make sure that there is no water in the reduced device's oil. Any water in the oil can ice up, broaden, and crack your lower unit. Additionally, altering reduced unit oil suggests one much less point to do at the beginning of following period.

First, you'll need to know how much reduced system oil/ gear lube you need to carry hand. Inspect your proprietor's manual or find your engine version within our Yamaha Specs & Capacities Graph.

Find the reduced and upper reduced device oil drainpipe holes. With your drain pan ready, first, get rid of the reduced drainpipe screw. The oil will certainly begin to trickle out right into the drain frying pan.

Next, get rid of the top drainpipe screw-- oil will drain pipes out quickly. Allow the oil to drain totally.

It is crucial that you pay attention to your lower system's oil. If the oil is a milky shade, there is water in the reduced unit, and you will have substantial troubles later on. If this holds true, go straight to your aquatic technician to identify the issue as well as ideally repair the problem before it triggers more damages.

With the oil totally drained pipes, screw in your pump fitting as well as attach the pump. Remove the cap of your bottle of lower unit oil as well as screw the pump onto the bottle.

Pump until oil starts flowing out of the top drain hole.

Set up a brand-new reduced system drainpipe gasket onto your upper screw plug. Place the top screw plug, hand tighten up, then tighten safely with your flathead screwdriver.

Set up a new reduced system drain gasket on your lower screw. With the lower screw in your hand, get rid of the equipment oil pump installation. Rapidly insert and tighten the lower screw.

Wipe every little thing down and effectively get rid of your old oil lower unit oil.
Winterizing Outboard Electric Motor-- Yamaha Crucial Maintenance
** Care **.
There must be no water in your reduced unit oil. If there is water in the reduced device oil and also your watercraft is stored in the cold, the water in the oil will ice up and break your reduced device, which is definitely a negative point.

Separate Your Battery.
You'll need:.
Battery incurable cleaner and also guard.
Detach your battery as well as spray Yamaha Battery Terminal Guard & Cleanser on your battery terminals.

Correct Yamaha maintenance needs genuine Yamaha outboard parts and also products-- Vifprop enjoys to aid.
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