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Yamaha Outboard Warranty-- Will Doing My Very Own Maintenance Void It?

by Hengbo Zhang 23 Sep 2021
Will doing my own maintenance space my Yamaha outboard service warranty? The short answer is, no. Your Yamaha service warranty will not be voided if you execute your very own upkeep. But, you do need to recognize the difference in between maintenance as well as service warranty solution work.

Your upkeep can be done by you or any individual you authorize to do it. Actually, if a concern develops from the absence of proper maintenance or service, your service warranty will certainly not sustain that concern.
Yamaha Outboard Warranty-- Will Doing My Very Own Maintenance Void It?
We strongly recommend that you evaluate your owner's manual maintenance graph or on-line upkeep schedules to plan the maintenance that requires to be done. Nonetheless, some treatments should be done by your authorized Yamaha dealer, such as inspecting valve clearance and examining a timing belt.

If you do your very own upkeep, please bear in mind to aid protect the environment by properly disposing of oil and also various other engine liquids. Likewise, if you require help finding the appropriate best prop for Yamaha 90 4 stroke outboard parts or Yamaha upkeep set for your certain engine, look into our Yamaha Outboard Components Library.

Yamaha Service Warranty Work Is Absolutely Another Story
While maintenance job can be executed by you or anybody you hire to do the work, only a Yamaha supplier can perform service job covered under your Yamaha limited or extensive warranty.

All Yamaha 4-stroke Yamaha outboards for satisfaction use included a minimal 3-year guarantee. Furthermore, Yamaha supplies expanded warranties through their Y.E.S. expanded warranty strategies. Like limited service warranty job, expanded guarantee service job have to be carried out by a Yamaha supplier.

Just How Much Time Is Left on Your Yamaha Guarantee?
When you acquired your new engine, the Yamaha Supplier submitted the service warranty info and also Yamaha f115 propeller must have sent you a Factory Guarantee Card. Guarantee coverage is located on the back of your dealership manual But, if at any time you need to know just how much time you have actually left on your warranty, call the Yamaha Outboard Customer Support line at (866) 894-1626. They will require your Primary Identification Number (PID). If you don't have your warranty card, you can find the PID number on the port side of your engine.

In addition, your PID number is all you need if you have actually an issue covered by your service warranty.

Appropriate Yamaha upkeep needs real Yamaha outboard components as well as products-- Vifprop mores than happy to help.
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