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Why Your Mercury Outboard Electric Motor Stopped Working

by Hengbo Zhang 23 Nov 2021

If your Mercury outboard electric motor stopped working, you might not know why or where to start fixing. Luckily, Mercury outboard motor issues are typically triggered by among a number of common issues, as well as the remedies might not even call for an auto mechanic. You can look for one of the most typical issues on your own, as well as in many cases, devices aren't called for!

How Do You Troubleshoot a Mercury Outboard Motor?
Prior to you start, snuff out cigarettes or various other cigarette smoking products whether you smell gasoline or not.

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It's best to first address the most basic possible troubles prior to entering extra difficult issues. The adhering to quick fixes may deal with the reason your Mercury outboard electric motor stopped working.

Eliminate Switch over
If the kill switch isn't correctly connected it can quite possibly be the resource of your motor issues. Reverse the link as well as placed it right back into area. The kill button might require to be changed entirely-- read more concerning them right here.

The following point to check is your equipment change. It's very easy to knock senseless of location, which prevents the engine from starting. Make certain that you're in neutral as well as attempt beginning your engine again.

It might seem obvious, however examine anyhow! Exists gas in the container? If so, is the container air vent open? A closed air vent stops air from replacing gas as the electric motor draws it out, which is needed for shooting up the engine.

Often, the problems may merely be that your engine prop has actually something entangled around it. This may be fishing line, too much seaweed, or some other product that's worked its method around the blades. Carefully eliminate anything that might be twisted around the propeller, and offer it an once-over for any kind of damages that might exist. If the propeller is damaged, it requires to be changed. Debris around the prop is the most likely wrongdoer if your watercraft electric motor begins, however swiftly passes away.

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Choke, Throttle, as well as Guide Light bulb
Try to begin the engine both with and without making use of the choke. If this doesn't function, try modifying the throttle placement. Applying more or less gas can sometimes work. Lastly, press the primer light bulb a couple of times to ensure the engine is keyed up.

Some batteries have an on/off button. If this is true for your battery, make sure the button is on. After that, if your engine is under 25HP, you may have the ability to make use of the emergency cord to pull-start. It's feasible to do this with approximately a 50HP engine, however realize that the higher the HP, the harder this will be. If this functions, the battery is likely the problem. You might need to replace it.

Factors Your Mercury Outboard Still Isn't Functioning
Ok, so you have actually attempted the quick services, but you still have not found out why your Mercury outboard electric motor stopped working. The next step is to do an extensive checkup of each system/engine component up until the enigma is addressed.

Starting System
If you hear a clicking noise when you try to crank the engine, the starter solenoid may be at fault. Depending on the version, you may be able to change only the solenoid, or you may need to change the entire self-contained system. To evaluate the solenoid, comply with these steps.

If the start motor isn't beginning whatsoever, you likely have an electrical concern on your hands. Detach the black (unfavorable) cable, complied with by the red (favorable). You'll then need to get rid of the battery from its housing. If the battery is harmed, change it. However, some indicators of wear may be taken care of.

Deterioration can be rubbed away with a wire-bristle brush. Any other accumulation or deposit can be gotten rid of with a mixture of water and also baking soft drink at a proportion of 1 mug:1 tablespoon, respectively. If you use this mixture, make sure to thoroughly dry out the battery right away after. Finally, charge the battery and also clean the links. After that, reconnect the favorable wire, complied with by the adverse. Usage dielectric oil when reinstalling the connections.

If all is well with the battery, you'll need to examine if a fuse has actually blown. To inspect if a fuse has blown, utilize a screwdriver to get rid of the electric cover of the motor. With pliers, meticulously eliminate the fuse owner. If the facility is broken, that implies it's blown. You'll have to check the Mercury outboard repair work guidebook to figure out the correct amperage required to change it. If none of this works, continue onto the various other systems until the issue is dealt with.

Gas System
The gas system is made up of the fuel pump, gas filter, check valves, fuel hose pipes, fuel pump diaphragm, and injectors. Listen for the procedure noise. If you can't listen to the system attempting to work, check for continuity between the fuse owner, fuse, gas pump relay, as well as circuitry harness. Repair service or replace the faulty component(s) if there is no connection. If there is continuity, replace the electrical gas pump.

If you hear the operation noise, examine each part of the gas system independently. Initially, evaluate the fuel filters and also look for clogs, cracks, twists, or leakages in the hoses. Change any parts with damage. Next, check the diaphragm for splits or other signs of damage. After that, check the vapor separator needle shutoff for bends or signs of wear. The following action is to check the injectors for blockages as well as resistance. Then, check for bad connections.

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Finally, note if there is any kind of water in the fuel. Ethanol gasoline draws in water, which adversely influences the combustibility of the gas. This is specifically likely if you have not used gas ingredients or stabilizers. Water in the gas might likewise cause a negative or failing fuel pump. If you find water in your gas, you might intend to examine that the pump remains in good condition.

You can perform a Mercury outboard fuel pump examination by removing the spark plug cord boot from the ignition system and after that eliminating the ignition system with a plug outlet as well as wrench. Attach a compression gauge right into the spark plug socket. If you have an electric motor, you may need a 2nd individual to crank your engine over while you twist your throttle position open. Or else, you can press the throttle open with one hand and pull the rope begin.

What are the Signs and symptoms of a Bad Gas Pump on an Outboard Motor?
The earliest indicator of damages is fast fuel usage. You also may have experienced a tough time or problems with acceleration prior to reaching this point. If you've experienced these issues, you can reference our guide to diagnosing (and protecting against!) a poor fuel pump to establish your next actions.

A broken, obstructed, or otherwise used gas pump is usually the factor a Mercury outboard cranks but won't start. Consult a repair work handbook for your engine model as well as year to determine the correct substitute part.

A broken, blocked, or otherwise used gas pump is commonly the factor a Mercury outboard cranks however won't start. Get in touch with a repair guidebook for your engine design as well as year to determine the correct substitute component.

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