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Just how to Start a Mercury Outboard Electric Motor

by Hengbo Zhang 01 Nov 2021

Whether you're brand-new to boating or are just having difficulty with your Mercury outboard, this write-up deals with one of the most common circumstances where you may find yourself asking, "How do I begin a Mercury outboard electric motor?"
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Allow's start with the essentials.

Just how to Begin a Mercury Outboard Electric Motor
Mercury makes a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine. The 4-stroke engines have risen in popularity because of their reduced sound, gas efficiency, and also greater longevity. Due to the fact that they have actually expanded in popularity over the last few years, a lot of them have a tendency to be more recent. Generally, they're as easy to begin as tilting them down as well as turning the key.

In contrast, a carbureted 2-stroke might not be as easy to begin.

How to Start a Mercury 2-Stroke Outboard Motor
First, tilt the engine to make sure that the fuel can more conveniently reach the carburetor
Prime the light bulb till it's too difficult to capture
While in neutral, breakthrough the throttle to 2/3.
Turn the key, push to choke and also crank.
Release the choke as well as return to neutral.

Just How to Cold Begin a Mercury Outboard Electric Motor.
If your engine is specifically finicky, you might find that it has trouble operating before it's warmed up. The most effective technique for cold beginning your engine will depend on the kind of engine you have.

Remote Keyed Ignition:.

Put the electric motor in neutral and also fast-idle.
Push in the key, turn to begin, and also hold it in until the outboard launches.
Release the secret.
If the electric motor begins to stumble at this moment, bump the secret once again to involve the choke & primer.
Repeat till the engine is running smoothly.
Gradually lower the fast-idle.

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At this point, the electric motor ought to be warmed up and also running separately.

Tiller Start: Guidebook Choke.

Place the motor in neutral as well as position the throttle in the beginning placement.
Involve the choke.
Either push the start button, or if you don't have one, pull the starter rope.
Gradually disengage the choke.
As the electric motor starts to cozy, move the throttle from the beginning to the change position.
All this thinks that you've already inspected your battery, gas connections, fuel tank ventilation, and also various other potential reasons for outboard concerns.

Dealing With Mercury Outboard Beginning Troubles.
Exactly how to Beginning a Flooded Mercury Outboard Electric Motor.
What triggers a flooded outboard motor, and also what does it suggest? A swamped electric motor has too much fuel in the cyndrical tube, as well as it can consequently be extremely challenging-- or impossible-- to start. A strong smell of gas might suggest that this has taken place.

Even if your electric motor does begin while flooded, it is essential to resolve it right away anyway. Running a swamped motor can damage the entire system, resulting in a much larger (as well as extra expensive) set of problems.

Now, to attend to the problem: wait about 5 mins prior to you clear-flood begin the engine. You do this by relocating the throttle to the clear-throttle or wide-open throttle position as well as crank your engine. This allows air to get in the engine, however not fuel, and must obtain things moving along. It might take a few pursue this to be reliable.

Mercury 14 1/2 x19

Exactly how to Prevent a Flooded Mercury Outboard Electric Motor.
The 3 most common root causes of a flooded electric motor are the improper use the choke, improper priming, and low cyndrical tube pressure.
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The choke can be used to give your motor a boost of fuel, but have to be disengaged promptly to prevent frustrating the cylinders with gas. Similarly, make certain never ever to over pump your guide light bulb. Doing so will certainly stop the spark plugs from igniting.

Finally, if the head gasket needs to be changed, this could cause reduced atmospheric pressure inside the cylinders. In such cases, gas accumulation will be steady.

It deserves it to take your outboard to a mechanic if the trouble persists. The flooding could be caused by leakages or failed components that require to be promptly attended to.

Repairing Your Mercury Outboard.
If your Mercury outboard cranks, but won't begin, there may be a problem that requires fixing.

Mercury 10 3/8x13

More than likely, the reason is a reduced and dying battery. Eliminate the battery from its housing by initial disconnecting the black (adverse) cable television, and then the red (positive). You can after that examine the voltage utilizing a voltmeter-- it needs to be at concerning 12.6 volts. Inspect the battery for damage and wipe any rust or various other accumulation with a cord bristle brush.

Some kinds of deposit can be removed with a combination of water as well as baking soft drink at a ratio of 1 mug:1 tbsp, respectively. Apply and scrub the mixture over the affected components. If you pick to do this, make certain to really extensively dry the battery before reattaching the cords. Lastly, if the voltmeter resulted in a low reading, charge the battery.

In cases where your battery won't hold a charge, it will certainly need to be replaced. In the meantime, you might have the ability to begin the engine manually.

How to Manually Beginning an Electric-Start Outboard Electric Motor.
If the engine is under 25HP, you should not have way too much problem eliminating the cowl cover as well as using the emergency cord to pull-start. This is normally possible for engines up to 50HP, yet it will be progressively tough the greater the horse power. To do this:.

Ensure that the key remains in the on position and that the change is in neutral.
If you're utilizing a rope, link a knot to ensure that the rope can be secured in the notch in the flywheel.
Wrap the rope around the flywheel in the correct direction for your engine, which is probably clockwise.
Pull consistently up until the engine starts.
Place the cowling back on when the flywheel quits spinning.
If this doesn't solve your issue, you may require to experience a more detailed troubleshooting procedure. Our overview, Why Your Mercury Outboard Electric Motor Stopped Working, outlines everything you'll need to check in higher information, with useful flowcharts for recommendation.

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