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Yamaha Oil Details-- 100-Hour Service

by Hengbo Zhang 05 Oct 2021
Paying the appropriate focus to Yamaha oil points is the final 100-hour solution step. It is recommended to oil your engines' oil fittings extra regularly than your 100-hour or yearly solution, however if you haven't, now is absolutely the time.

Make certain you have plenty of Yamalube marine oil packed in your oil gun as well as begin hitting those Zerk fittings. Note that installations can be polluted by salt-- especially the ones near the steering tube-- so replace them if they are too corroded to accept oil. View as you pump fresh oil into the suitable as well as see if old, filthy oil or water or both push out from the corresponding space. Preferably, these cavities are loaded with clean grease at all times. A light coating of grease on the idea of the trim rams will certainly reduce rubbing there also.
Yamaha Oil Details-- 100-Hour Service
Next off, get rid of the wedge pin from the Yamaha 9.9 outboard propeller as well as loosen up the prop nut. Workout severe care as the prop blades can be really sharp. With the nut loosened up, remove the prop and linked prop equipment to evaluate the Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke propeller shaft. Search for fishing line that may lag the prop as well as near the prop shaft oil seals. Get rid of any type of that is sighted and if the seals are undamaged, use a fresh finishing of oil to the prop shaft before re-installing the prop. Tighten and also utilize a new wedge pin to finish the installment. This is likewise a good time to check your external engine anodes. If they are used past 50%, they are spent and need to be changed.

On the powerhead itself, Yamashield Corrosion & Deterioration Protectant can be freely put on the metal surfaces-- taking some like stay clear of the air intake itself. If any kind of salt residue exists in the engine pan, rinse with a light stream of freshwater prior to applying Yamashield. This item also functions well on battery connections, fuel/water separator bases, and trailer parts.
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